"I have worked with Smile Design Dental Lab since 1992. They have consistently provided exceptional service, top class aesthetic restorations, and a true passion for creating beautiful smiles. They have been a pleasure to work with and have always been there for me. Truly a First Class Dental Lab by today's standards. I highly recommend them."
  • Louanne Bursell D.D.S.
"I have had the pleasure of working with Lab over the past two years. They have consistently provided exceptional service, first class aesthetic restorations and a true passion for creating beautiful smiles. Smile Design Dental Lab provides us with excellent workmanship and service.
They are reliable, dependable and professional in all that they do. Thank you Smile Design Dental Lab for your consistency and dependability."
  • Stephen C. Call, D.D.S., P.S.
"Over the past few years, our office has completed hundreds of crowns and bridge cases and have been very happy with the consistency of your lab work. Listening to friends of mine, who are dentists, complain of bad labs and inconsistent work prompted me to write you. I wanted thank you not only for your great fitting restorations, but your communication, fast turn around and willingness to come to the office to discuss the many facets of the lab/dentist relationship. This keeps me confident that my patients keep receiving the best."
  • Eric Carlson D.D.S., P.S.
"A vital part of our restorative practice is our communication with our laboratory. Lab's attention to detail makes our portion of the treatment very predictable. Their customer service, integrity, and consistently reliable results allow us to provide our patients with the highest quality care. Since 2006, our office has enjoyed working with Lab and we are pleased to say that they are a part of our team."
  • Brooke M. Cloninger, D.D.S.
"I have had the pleasure of working with John at Smile Dental Laboratory for over then years. John and his staff have provided us with excellent fixed prosthetics. John and his staff strive to stay abreast of the latest technology by taking continuing education courses and updating materials and equipment. Communication with Smile Dental Laboratory has always been professional, and they have always provided excellent customer service. I recommend Smile Dental Laboratory most highly."
  • Mayer Yashar, D.D.S.
"Excellent lab work. Easy to work with."
  • Dr. Gary Pyfer
"Phenomenal fit, aesthetics and service."
  • Dr. Kelsey Ullsmith
"Their strengths are high quality and consistency."
  • Dr. Henri Duyzend
"Very concerned about their client's satisfaction and the quality of their product. This lab has my business because they do everything right. They listen and they care. They do a great job. Very personable, prompt pick-up and delivery. They do beautiful work."
  • Dr. Robert Odegard
"Superior esthetics, fit and quality. Lab has made life for our staff much easier."
  • Dr. Christopher Collins
"Just wanted to let you know I put the crown in today and it required no adjusting. I have not had the pleasure of a crown seat like that for a long time, so I am quite pleased. Thank you Smile Design Dental Lab."
  • Dr. Keith Watson